How to win big with Mega Fortune Slot game

Do you want to become the next millionaire with Mega Fortune?




If you are a fan of online Casinos, then there is no doubt that you love playing Mega Fortune slot online game. Since its induction, the popularity of the above game has been raising tremendously. Indeed, it has become synonymous with record-breaking prizes as well as jackpots. In fact, Mega Fortunate jackpots have crowned the largest millionaires in the history of online slot games, not once, but twice!

Indeed, the most recent winner got an enormous amount of money ever in the jackpot, and so, this history has been included in the world’s books of record. That being said, you too can also break the record and become the next the millionaire in the city.

However, no other game crowns you that favor apart from Mega Fortune, the only exciting game with real huge winnings! Nevertheless, it is true that you cannot win big if you do not have some incredible tips for playing Mega Fortune slot game, which shown herein.

Winning free spins with Mega Fortune


Research has shown that many online casino players love playing the Mega Fortune. Indeed, many of them will have a lot to tell about how to win big prizes with an online slot game. If you not familiar with the above play, then it is important to understand any three jackpots can allow you win big other than the usual winning slots.

These are the Major, Rapid, and Mega Jackpots. In most cases, most players would like to grab and win any of the three jackpots, but it is imperative to note that other excellent Mega Fortune slot features can see you win incredible prizes as well. So, let’s have a look at it!

Just like any other online slot game, Mega Fortune offers free spins that allow players to grab fabulous winnings, but it is not always easy. Indeed, with Mega Fortune, the appearance of three SCATTER symbols precedes launching of free spins.

As previously mentioned, it is not very easy to win big with free spins. However, if you want to increase your chances of winning, then it is advisable to play with higher bets to achieve free spins and not the smallest. Do you want to win mega fortune jackpot? Here is how to increase your chances!

big win icon

Jackpot Bonus

If you have been playing Mega Fortune online game, then you know that winning any of the jackpots is the ultimate prize. Many people believe that it is almost impossible to win any category of jackpots, but truth be told, everything is possible. Probably, you haven’t won any of the three prizes only because you never knew how to play and earn it!

big win icon

Bonus symbol

Typically, you can win the jackpot in Mega Fortune slot game if BONUS symbol(s) appear on the first three consecutive reels. After this scenario, you will see a circle and two others. If by any chance, the wheel stops at any of the circle, you will win any of the jackpots.

big win icon

Inner circles

If you need to enhance your probabilities of winning any of the jackpots, then monitor closely the button that points to the circles. It is advisable that you press the stop button when it is in the upper right corner. You might be questioning why you have to press at that point, but statistics have shown that they are high chances of entering into the inner circles.


Scatter Symbol

Mega fortune jackpot bonus

Jackpot Bonus Wheel

scatter symbols

Scatter Symbol

With the above tips, it is more likely that you can be the next millionaire. Try your luck and all the best!