Mega Fortune jackpots and payouts

£2 spin wins a £2.8m Megafortune!

A lucky player at the online casino, scooped big winnings while playing the desktop version of Mega Fortune and won £2,848,029.24

Was he playing for high stakes? No! It was a £2 per spin game! got exclusive access to the details of this amazing jackpot win. Here is the live video as it happened:

The 28 year old was playing in the early hours of Thursday morning 30th March and was most probably looking to have some inexpensive fun for £2 a spin. Little did he know that his play would lead him to become a millionaire!

Watch the winning jackpot spin in the video below

He is the latest success story that Megafortune has produced. We’re delighted here at as the game continues to provide winners time after time. We can reveal that the player has been active since May 2015 and on this session deposited £65 and had 28 spins that day before hitting the jackpot.

The reason the game continues to pay out is that it’s cool theme of luxury and fortune makes it one of the most popular games and so it builds up quite a jackpot.

To win the jackpot you must have more than 3 bonus wheel symbols come up:

mega fortune 3 bonus wheels

Then you get transported to the Wheel of Fortune which has 3 levels you must get past!

If you do make it to the third level, definitely grab your phone and hit record! If it’s your day and you manage to hit the diamond arrow, you will win the Mega Fortune. Players wanting to try their luck can find the game at

Mega jackpot with Mega fortune slot

Do you want to become the next jackpot winner with Mega Fortune?

The Mega Fortune slot online game is one of the highly playable games, and it has been hitting the headlines for massive payouts as well as world record jackpots. Indeed, if you have been hunting around for a life changing jackpots and other hyped prizes, then the above may be the slot to give that long-awaited chance.

In the recent past, most online casino players have been lining up jackpot paying reel symbols on particular paylines. However, NetEnt, the designer of Mega Fortune software, have chosen to give punters a much more exciting platform whereby they can win massive jackpots on the Mega Fortune slot game. If you are lucky to emerge the winner, you will be rich instantly and start to own physically some of the things shown on the slot game as symbols. With that being said, let’s now understand different types of jackpots and payouts won by lucky winners!

Winning mega jackpots with Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is considered as the world’s biggest casino slot game that offers the best progressive jackpots. Indeed, the fact that the above game is online, it means it can be played anywhere in the world on both mobile or desktop computer and Android devices alike.

There is no way to winning the jackpot if you do not participate in playing the Mega Fortune slot game. Typically, the jackpot and other pricey prizes can only be won by playing the five-reel, 25-pay line slot using any bet amount. Currently, there are three jackpots in the above game to be won. In Mega Fortune slot game, the largest jackpot is called the Mega Jackpot while the lower two jackpots are commonly referred to as the Rapid and Major jackpots.

It is unbelievable that you stand a chance of winning all the three Mega Fortune slot online game jackpots at once if you manage to enter into the Bonus game. This is where most people believe that something called MAGIC DO HAPPENS!

You might be wondering why the largest jackpot is called Mega Jackpot. It is simple; the Mega Fortune mega jackpot is called as such simply because it is a full progressive jackpot between all casino vendors offering the above game. In short, this jackpot is super high, and every Mega Fortune player is playing smartly to win it.

big win icon

Mega Fortune Slot game Payouts

If you are unable to win any of the above jackpots, then there is another option for you. Ideally, Mega Fortune has been designed to offer incredible payouts to players referred to as Return to Player (or RTP in short) percentage. In most cases, the rate can be as high as 96.6%. Therefore, as you continue trying to win the jackpot, you can as well enjoy the payouts mentioned above!

big win icon

There is a reason as to why Mega Fortune is so popular, and the main reason is that you will be propelled not into riches, but into mega riches if you win the Mega Fortune slot online game. Therefore, if you are looking for big wins and big betting, then Mega Fortune is your ultimate game!

Mega fortune jackpot bonus

Jackpot Bonus Wheel

scatter small

Scatter Symbol

Mega fortune jackpot win

Big jackpot win

With the above tips, it is more likely that you can be the next millionaire. Try your luck and all the best!