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Mega fortunes amazing jackpots, unique features and big payouts!


With amazing jackpots, unique features and eye-catching payouts, Mega Fortune slot game is one of the incredible casino games currently available online. Many people might be asking themselves several questions as to why the game is branded Mega Fortune.’ Typically, Mega means something big, and Mega Fortune is suitably named because, on several occasions, the above online game has been known to have dished out the largest jackpot in the history of casino online slot games. In fact, on one fateful occasion, a Mega Fortune slot online player managed to scoop over $27 million. So, what are you still waiting for? People are winning big with Mega Fortune!

From the above news, who would not like to be a millionaire? It is true that life might be tough and challenging, but with five reels and 25 play lines of NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot game, you will find it easier. Online Casino expert players who have won several stunning prizes explain that they are high chances of winning incredible prizes if you play with dedication as well as taking the advantage of each spin and symbol.

Typically, the prospect of the three jackpots currently available of each dedicated player of Mega Fortune will thrill almost everyone. The thought of the Major, Rapid, and Mega Jackpots will always keep motivating a player, and eagerness to win a mega prize will always be live. Therefore, winning Mega is right at your fingertips, just start playing now! However, before you start playing, there are some incredible that you need to know, which are unveiled here.

Mega fortunes different gaming features


Mega Fortune slot game has some excellent gaming features, which are unique.

These include the following:


Scatter Symbol


The Scatter symbol is a characteristic that is represented by wine glasses and champagne bottle. The above symbol helps Mega Fortune slot game players win prizes. For instance, if you happen to get two Scatter symbols in any order on the reel, you will see the cork of the champagne bottle popping out, which means you have won some cash. As if that is not enough, if you manage to get three or more Scatter symbols, then you are lucky to earn a particular number of free spins. While at that point, you just need to click on the Scatter symbol to find out how much money you have won.


Wild Symbol


A white yacht on the Mega Fortune game designates the Wild symbol. The representation is unique and powerful in the sense that it can be used as a substitute for all others symbols, except for Scatter and Bonus symbols. If you happen to get the above symbol, it will increase your chances of coming up with a form of winning combinations.


Free spins


As explained in previous symbols, you can win free spins if you have more than three Scatter symbols within the Mega Fortune game. The advantage of getting more free spins is that you will be able to continue using the same bet size and play lines when the turn begins. Getting more spins means your multiplier will be significantly raised; with 5X being the maximum.

Mega fortune freespins
Mega fortune Wild

Now that you know some of the incredible features, you can use them to increase your probabilities of winning jackpots and other fabulous prizes!